At Finance Solutions our advisers are specialists in insurances and can provide free quotations for Life Insurance, Critical Illness Cover, Mortgage Payment Protection Insurance and Home Insurance so you can be rest assured that your home and family are fully covered in every event.
So why protect your mortgage?

You should consider mortgage protection products if:

  • You have a partner or children who are dependant on you
  • You have any ageing relatives depending upon you for support
  • You are single and do not have someone to help you pay your mortgage if necessary
  • You are wanting to help safeguard your business / estate
Mortgage Life Insurance

A plan which aims to provide a guaranteed sum of money if you die, or are diagnosed with a terminal illness and are eligible to claim, during the period of cover you've chosen.

Mortgage Critical Illness Cover

A plan which is designed to pay out a tax free lump sum if during the term of the policy, you are diagnosed with a terminal illness or one of the specified critical illnesses, and are eligible to claim.

Payment Protection Insurance

A plan which is designed to provide you with a monthly benefit to help pay your mortgage if, due to illness, accident or unemployment (if selected), you are unable to work resulting in a loss of earnings.

For mortgage payment protection insurance we offer products from a selected panel of providers.